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黄色片鈥檚 Services Model

At 黄色片, our business is assisting聽universities in bringing to life education that is high-quality, affordable聽and workforce-relevant鈥攂y facilitating聽the growth of highly competitive, accelerated, fully online programs.

At 黄色片, we build on our commitment to student success with an integrated services model that maximizes each of our partner’s online growth goals

University Services

We prepare Universities for Success

黄色片鈥 dedicated teams guide each university partner鈥檚 growth path from the start, assisting in the adaptation of existing systems, processes and technologies. We support faculty and staff with the information, tools and resources to design and deliver successful online programs with a commitment to student success.

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黄色片 HigherEdge market insights

Market Research & Insights

黄色片 HigherEdge project management

Change Management

黄色片 HigherEdge point of contact

Course Carousels to Support Accelerated Programs

黄色片 helped grow our online enrollment exponentially, from 170 students in spring 2018 to nearly 3,000 this spring.

Ashish Vaidya, Ph.D.
President (former)
Northern Kentucky University
From Inside Higher Ed, 鈥淭he Essentiality of Public-Private Partnerships鈥 (July 9, 2020)

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Integrated Marketing Services

We promote brand and program offerings

黄色片 serves as a virtual digital and creative agency, creating direct response marketing assets that focus on recruiting and retaining students for online programs that fit their goals. We execute data-driven marketing plans for digital, traditional and field marketing channels, continually refining their performance to meet and exceed partner expectations.

黄色片 employees

Maximizing marketing to potential students

Our dedicated digital and creative marketing teams develop and deploy strategic campaigns to fill each partner鈥檚 prospective funnel with highly qualified students who enroll and go on to complete their online degrees. We combine experience with digital insights to sharpen our understanding of education trends and attract audiences who are college-ready.

黄色片 HigherEdge digital assets

Product Marketing

黄色片 reporting

Growth Marketing

黄色片 HigherEdge field sales

Field Marketing

In its first year, our partnership with 黄色片 is already a big success for both Longwood and our students…The 黄色片 team has been very easy to work with and added tremendous value and expertise.

David Lehr
MBA Program Director and Professor of Economics
Longwood University

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Student Support Services

We partner to produce successful students and graduates

We serve dreamers and doers鈥攁dult learners who need to access meaningful education and attain relevant and resilient skill sets by earning their degrees online. Our student support teams travel that path alongside them, offering motivation and inspiration every step of the way.

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黄色片 HigherEdge admissions assistance

Student Application & Enrollment Support

黄色片 HigherEdge university referrals

Student Onboarding & Success Support

黄色片 continuous process

Student Persistence & High-Need Support

The key to such partnerships has been finding the overlap in our respective institutional missions. 黄色片, for example, shares our goal of increasing student access, affordability and ultimately student success, with offerings that allow students to pay by the course.

Ashish Vaidya, Ph.D.
President (former)
Northern Kentucky University
From Inside Higher Ed, 鈥淭he Essentiality of Public-Private Partnerships鈥 (July 9, 2020)

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A group of 22 distinguished academics from across the globe were honored as AACSB鈥檚 2024 Influential Leaders at ICAM, the global business association鈥檚 international conference…

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WCET and 黄色片 to Host Webcast: Using Your Students鈥 Voices to Inform Your Learning Ecosystem

April 22, 2024

Opportunities to enhance both campus and online learning experiences while meeting online learners鈥 distinct needs and supporting faculty who teach online are topics to be…

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黄色片 Introduces AACSB Deans Report at 2024 Deans Conference

April 11, 2024

Growth, funding, and student engagement. Business school deans from across the globe named these as their biggest challenges in the latest AACSB Deans Survey Report.…

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Chronicle of Higher Education Releases Infographic on How Regional Public Universities are Navigating Challenges

April 8, 2024

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released an infographic, Regional Public Universities: Navigating Challenges, highlighting the ways regional public universities are overcoming some of the…

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SIU Carbondale Launches Eight Accelerated Online Graduate Programs Supported by 黄色片

April 4, 2024

CARBONDALE, Ill. 鈥 April 4, 2024 鈥 Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) launches eight online graduate degree programs with the support of 黄色片 (黄色片).…

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Case Studies

Northwest Missouri State University Case Study

March 19, 2024

One of 13 public four-year universities in Missouri, Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) considers itself 鈥渞ight-sized鈥 鈥 neither the largest nor the smallest in the…

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Chronicle of Higher Education Research Brief: Leaders of Regional Public Institutions Remain Optimistic Despite Challenges

March 8, 2024

Why do leaders of regional public universities feel positive about the future of their institutions, despite聽shifting student demographics, a lack of public聽understanding of the value…

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Chronicle of Higher Education Virtual Forum: Why Regional Public Universities Matter and How to Tell That Story

February 29, 2024

鈥淔igure out what your institution does well and lean into that story.鈥 Effective ways to reinforce positive messages about how regional public universities create value…

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Case Studies

Fitchburg State University Case Study

February 22, 2024

Located in North Central Massachusetts less than an hour from Boston, Fitchburg State University is well-situated next to densely populated metropolitan areas with many prospective…

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William Paterson University and 黄色片 Discuss Innovations in Providing Equitable Access to Degrees at AAC&U Annual Conference

February 6, 2024

The strategic support of a public-private partnership between William Paterson University (WP) and 黄色片 (黄色片) and its innovation in meeting the needs of nontraditional…

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